World's First Write 2 Earn NFT Collection

Limited 4000 Magical Fountain Pen NFTs | 3D NFTs for Metaverse | Decentralised Metaverse Educational Hub


What is Blockfy?

Blockfy is the first next-generation decentralised metaverse educational hub for Web3 enthusiasts, providing metaverse experiences.

During the first phase, we are offering a limited edition of 4000 unique magical fountain 3D pen NFTs to our community. We strongly believe that these NFTs will become one of the best NFT collections in the world as the project continues to progress.

During the first phase, we are also building a decentralised platform for Web3 fans to publish crypto-related content. Through this, we are paving a path for Web3 related content writers and readers to earn money through blockchain. Our platform lets people "write-to-earn" and "learn-to-earn" while they are in our community doing what they love.

Going beyond our initial phase, in the future, we plan to add an advertising platform, a game platform, an online course platform, a metaverse marketplace, and a metaverse space (currently a secret) to the main platform.

  • * Total NFTs 4,000
  • * Common NFTs: TBD
  • * Uncommon NFTs: TBD
  • * Rare NFTs: TBD
  • * Epic NFTs: TBD
  • * Legendary NFTs: TBD
  • * Total: 975,000,000
  • * Investors and advisors (Private sale): 48,750,000 5%
  • * Presale: 48,750,000 5%
  • * Team: 97,500,000 10%
  • * Marketing: 48,750,000 5%
  • * Reward pool: 672,750,000 69%
  • * Release to trading exchange: 48,750,000 5%
  • * Airdrops: 9,750,000 1%
  • We are the future
    • * Educational & brain functional improvement play to earn games.
    • * T2E & L2E web3 related decentralized educational hub.

    • * Metaverse marketplace for writers and readers

    Blockfy 3D NFT Collection

    Display After Listing on Marketplace

    These are our 2D NFT preview, our real 3D NFT reveal happens after minting


    Blockfy Timeline

    August 2022
    • Launch Twitter Profile
    • Launch Medium Profile
    • Launch the Discord Server
    • Officially start promotion on Twitter with influencers and use paid advertisements
    October 2022
    • Collaborations
    • Online events and Giveaways campaign
    December 2022
    • Start VIP early access minting - Only for 150 selected web3 enthusiasts.
    September 2022
    • Launch the official website Blockfy.org
    • Publish roadmap
    November 2022
    • Reveal our NFTs' and minting details
    • Start NFT WL hunting
    January 2023
    • Finish VIP early access minting
    • Alpha minting
    • Start Public minting

    How Blockfy works


    NFT holders can become a "Write to Earn" VIP member in our Blockfy family and all others can become a normal member in our Blockfy family by engaging with content creators

    Set Up Your Solana Wallet

    Our W2E platform support Solana wallet. Setup your Solana wallet if you don't have.

    Buy or Mint Blockfy NFT

    Buy your NFT from the marketplace, or mint your NFT in our minting phases.

    Connect your wallet

    Connect your wallet to the Blockfy W2E platform. We launch our W2E and R2E platforms in October 2023

    Publish & Earn

    Publish your content and earn our governance tokens and utility tokens if you have our NFT; otherwise, you can earn our utility tokens


    Looking for answers?

    What is Blockfy?

    Blockfy is a next-generation decentralised educational hub for crypto lovers in the next blockchain era. We are developing a blockchain-related earning platform for writers and readers. Interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain. It is no secret that cryptocurrency and blockchain will become booming topics in the next ten years. So, Blockfy's mission is to bring crypto writers and readers together in one place in a creative way.
    Our platform offers a combination of "write to earn" and "learn to earn" earning ecosystems for our community. We plan to provide impressive features to our community at the beginning of the project and wish to add many remarkable features in the second phase, such as knowledge-based games and brain function improvement games with a metaverse experience for our community. Our game platforms primarily focus on increasing people's IQ and EQ levels in the next metaverse era.

    How do I get Blockfy NFTs?

    You will be able to mint blockfy NFTs in our three minitng phase or you can buy from marketplace.

    How much will it cost to mint?

    Alpha minting price: 0.9 Sol
    Public minting price: 1 Sol

    Minting Process

    800 NFTs free minting - Finished
    Whitelist(Alpha minting) - End 28.01.2023 @ 11.00 AM UTC
    Public minting - Start 28.01.2023 @ 11.00 AM UTC

    How is this different from every other project?

    First & Best write to earn, read to eran 3D NFT Collection. World first GLB format NFT collection

    How many NFTs?

    Total NFTs 4,000
    Common NFTs: TBD
    Uncommon NFTs: TBD
    Rare NFTs: TBD
    Epic NFTs: TBD
    Legendary NFTs: TBD

    How many traits and attributes?

    Reveal after minting

    What blockchain is it on?